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Welcome business owner, you are among friends.

If you’re looking for an email copywriter then you’re totally in the right place. Email has been proven many times to be the best performing media in terms of return on investment. Plus you don’t have to worry about suddenly getting your account banned like on some other marketing channels and losing access to all those followers.

I’m willing to bet that you landed here because you’re not exploiting this channel as much as yu’d like and perhaps you’re leaving money on the table?

I’m here to make sure that doesn’t happen and create you the best profit generating asset in your business. Even when you are doing other stuff like running your business or having fun.

And I only charge you when it works. That’s right, if your business meets certain criterior (such as minimum list size) then I can offer a revenue share model where we partner to grow your business.

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Some legendary clients:

email copywriter
Tim - Email Copywriter

A bit about me

  • My name is Tim Tavender, a marketer with 20 years running my own businesses under my belt
  • I’m a little bit obsessed with human pyschology and copywriting books. I love to deep dive into what makes us tick and how I can apply that to my work
  • I have a camper van called Ray that is often the place I write, overlooking the sea or the river nearby.
  • I don’t employ anyone. I can create as much scaleability as I like using automation (which I can do for you) 
  • I’m very friendly. In fact, friend me here
  • I recently sold $50k of stuff while i was being operated on
  • I’ve been caught up in a gun siege (for real life)
  • I have a gorgeous wife and two incredible sons and I live on the South Coast of England.
  • I am certified with Digital Marketer as well as certified with Google, Klayvio, MailerLite, sendinblue and HubSpot Academy. I have also taken the Copyhour course and 80/20 Copy courses.
  • I don’t charge a retainer up front. I operate a revenue share mode
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What I do

Persuasion isn’t about tricking anyone, or making someone do something they don’t want to do. 

It’s about you the seller, having the deepest understanding of their buyers needs and showing them you have the ultimate solution to help them.

A good writer will capture that. A great copy writer will also include a consistent brand voice. Great, now that’s out the way. Here’s how I can help you get what you really want.

1. Better customer relationships.
2. Loyal customers who buy often
3. Less reliance on brands like Facebook
4. Create scale without more effort
5. Automated business

After a ton of research and delving into your customers minds I can create super effective copy that fits into the following categories:
  1. Welcome series to nurture cold leads into brand fans
  2. Conversion campaigns that sell your stuff without being icky
  3. Cart abandonment sequence to turn those teasers into buyers
  4. Regular ‘ol broadcasts on a schedule to keep your business front of mind and position you as the ultimate brand leader.

I work as a partner rather than a supplier. That means I only charge based on revenue that I helped create. Most experts will charge a flat fee. I don’t do that…

What's Next?

The best thing for us to do right now is to start a conversation about your email marketing strategy.

But first a sensible place for me to start is to see how you are doing now. I’ll do a video review and if I think I can improve your results, which as you are here,

I’m guessing you want, then we can chat about how I work.

Pop your URL below where I can sign up to your mailing list and I’ll take it from there.

While I’m there, as a little bonus I’ll check out your deliverabilty too, so we can see which folder yours are ending up in.

Speak soon.

Case study

trusted email copywriter in fareham

Dr Robert Melillo is one of the leading Neuroanatomy specialists in the world. We helped him launch a new version of his course for health professionals to learn Functional Neuroanatomy.

After the normal research process which includes brand voice and client personas, After writing the messaging I set up an automated series leading to the launch day.

It was a smash hit. We did mid five figures in revenue on the day. The most incredible part about that was I was having surgery at the time. 

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