Email Copywriter

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Thoughtfully written
email campaigns for every situation.

We write emails that are designed to sell. You could be welcoming new subscribers, re-enagaging stale email lists, sending weeky broadcasts, launching products or services or encouraging those who leave shopping carts to come back.

Whatever the use, our email copywriting services will provide researched and persuasive emails guaranteed to provide a multiple return on investment which can be delivered as fully automated so they are working while you aren’t.

What we do..

✔️ Product launch emails
✔️ Re-engagement emails
✔️ Welcome email sequences
✔️ Conversion email campaigns
✔️ Cart abandonment sequences
✔️ Broadcast email monthly management

All email campaigns can be delivered automatically so it frees up you or ypur team to work with only the most serious prospects while the others are nutured until they are ready to buy.

Creating winning projects

At the heart of successful campaigns is matching our client brand voice and researching their clients needs. It helps us deliver the right message to the right people at the right time.

Then we match your business to our email copywriter with the most suitable experience and skillset to your deliver your project.

Let’s start by having a chat about your project….

About us

We are based on the South Coast in Warsash, nestled next to the beautiful River Hamble. With clients from all over the World in the last 12 years we’ve been providing email copywriting services as well as being a media buying agency providing ad management services to clients on Facebook and Google.

We have vast experience using many of the email marketing software tools out there employing simple email campaigns or fully automated funnels designed to nurture leads and bring in sales on autopilot.

We work with course creators and consultants mainly with our revenue share model, but we can also look at projects on an individual basis.


Years of successful work

We started as a small boutique agency in 2010 and have kept it that way. Staying small means we are agile and flexible and we use the leverage of email to grow.


Satisfied clients

We have worked with over 200 clients in more than 180 different industries over the years. We’ve pretty much covered them all.

Let’s work together!

Let’s talk through your project shall we? You can book a call in and we’ll discuss what type of campaign you need and the options for us to work together.